1) These legal disclaimer is valid for all businesses between GALANTUM (and the representing person) and the client.


1) Every order in the webshop can make a registration as client of GALANTUM mandatory. Several different registrations under different names are illegal. With the successfull registration, the client automatically gets approved for the order Process of GALANTUM.

2) The approval can be canceled by GALANTUM without any further explanation. In this case, GALANTUM has the right to close the account immediatelly.


1) The representation of the assortment of GALANTUM on the website, is not an offer to conclude a purchase contract with the customer . It is not binding .

2) By placing an order over the internet , email , telephone, fax or other means of communication, the customer gives an offer to conclude a purchase contract with GALANTUM . The customer receives a confirmation of receipt of the order ( order confirmation ) . This confirmation does not constitute acceptance of the offer but shall only inform the customer that the order has been received at GALANTUM . For possible errors in the information on the range on the website, GALANTUM will, if necessary, provide an approporiate conter-offer.

3) The contract with GALANTUM is accepted, when GALANTUM ships the ordered product to the customer.

4) The acceptance is subject to the legal admissibility and the availability of the ordered goods or services . Can GALANTUM not accept the offer of the customer , the customer will be informed about unavailability . Temporarily not available titles are flagged for the customer, while the customer’s order remains.


1)GALANTUM will deliver the ordered goods as soon as possible to the address specified by the customer in the order process. As long as reasonable, GALANTUM is entiteled for partial deliveries. If partial deliveries are performed by GALANTUM , the company will take over the additional costs.

2)Delivery will be made to the respective IN INDIVIDUAL CASES REPORTED SHIPPING COSTS.

3)For products that have to be procured from abroad, the delivery time can be 2-4 weeks . Information on the estimated delivery date are not binding . Exact information about the non-binding delivery times , especially for shipments abroad , are given by the customer service


1) GALANTUM retains property right to the goods until all payments from the sales contract have arrived. The customer has to inform GALANTUM of all third parties, especially foreclosure measures as well as other impairments of his property immediately in writin form. The customer has to replace all damages and costs incurred to third-party access by a breach of this obligation and from necessary intervention measures.

The customer has to inform GALANTUM of all third parties, especially foreclosure measures as well as other impairments of his property immediately in writing . The customer has to replace all damages and costs incurred to third-party access by a breach of this obligation and from necessary intervention measures.

2)If the customer breaches the contract , in particular if the customer fails to meet his payment obligations despite a reminder of GALANTUM with a reasonable deadline, can withdraw from the contract and demand the return of  its goods . Repossession of goods or garnishment by GALANTUM is a withdrawal from the contract . The shipping costs are payed by the customer . After receiving the goods, GALANTUM is empowered to resell those products.

3)GALANTUM RESERVES THE RIGHT , to not enter a contract if credit checks are negative.

4) In cases of clerical or arithmetical errors , the company is entitled to withdraw from the contract . This is true even if the prices of the company as well as from suppliers were calculated incorrectly.

5)A cancellation of the contract by the customer after the order has been accepted by the company , is permitted under the following conditions :

– Not sent orders

Not sent orders are cancellable at any time and at no cost .

– Opened / Used products

Opened products in original packaging without any second tracks can be returned within 14 days of receipt of goods provided if  paragraph 7 ” withdrawal ” is respected . Used products with traces of any kind or products without the original packaging can not be returned .


1)GALANTUM accepted only payment options indicated to the customer during the ordering process .

2 ) The purchase price and any applicable shipping costs will due to paragraph 3 on conclusion of the contract .

GALANTUM may require an advance payment without giving any reason . The order will be processed after receipt of payment .

3)If the customer is in default , GALANTUM sends an electronic 1st reminder . For non-payment , the customer receives a second written warning . The 3rd reminder occurs incl . A reminder fee in the amount of EUR 40.00 . The right of GALANTUM to make a higher damage , particularly with regard to enforcement by a collection agency or a lawyer shall remain unaffected.

5) Vouchers can be redeemed only at the indicated conditions on the voucher and exclusively for the product categories defined on the voucher. It is not permitted to sell coupons, trade coupons with third parties or to use purchased coupons of third parties without the agreement of GALANTUM.

6) With an amount of more than CHF 500.- , a prepayment is required as a rule .


1) The customer is entitled to withdraw his agreement to the contract declaration of intent without giving any reason within 14 days of receipt of goods in writing (eg letter, e -mail, fax ) or by returning the goods to GALANTUM. The period begins on the date of receipt of the goods by the recipient . The revocation period is respected with the reshipment date being within the 14 days period.. The revocation has to be pre-registered in written form to the specified address in paragraph 10 or by e -mail to . The customer bears the burden of proof for the dispatch of the goods to be returned.

2) In case of an effective cancellation both parties have to repay the benefits already received . If the customer can return the received goods only in a deteriorated condition , he must pay compensation on GALANTUM.

3) The customer has to bear the cost and risk of returning unless the delivered product does not correspond to the order.

4) Until the full return of the goods GALANTUM exercise its right of retention.

5) In the case of exclusion of the revocation and the return of the good by the customer, the customer has to bear the cost of a new shipment.


1) For goods imported into countries outside Switzerland, import duties which the customer has to bear may apply. These costs vary from territory to territory . The customer is responsible for the proper payment of the necessary taxes and charges. Import duties are not shipping costs.


1) Where the goods at the time of transfer of risk provided deficient , eg GALANTUM manufacturer error , or there wrong delivery, GALANTUM will arrange replacement. In case of failure of the replacement, the customer may request the cancellation of the purchase . The claim expires if the customer notifies the defect or the incorrect delivery after 14 days of receipt. The notification has to be done by e- mail ( ) , phone , fax or mail.

2) The liability of GALANTUM for its own negligence, as well as its employees and its legal representatives and agents, is limited to intent.

3) Allergy Disclaimer : Please note that the GALANTUM products are maid of stainless steel and leather. Only few people are allergic to these materials. As with all juwelery products, we recommend to keep an eye on your skin and to immediately consult the doctor in case of any abnormal reactions . GALANTUM declines all responsibility for any resulting damages, injuries or expenses which originate by wearing the products.


GALANTUM GmbH, Kirchgasse 35, CH- 9000, Wil, Schweiz


1) The data required for business operations will be stored in strict compliance with the applicable legal regulations and solely used for order processing. All personal information will be treated confidentially. GALANTUM is entitled to transfer personal data to partnering companies just for the purpose of credit checking and credit control. Please also read the Privacy Policy statement.

2) At any time, GALANTUM customer can demand their own user information in written form.


The GALANTUM GmbH holds the copyright on all images and media which are used on this page. Images may not be used without the consent of GALANTUM GmbH . Violations will be legally prosecuted and punished with a fine of EUR 1,500 per image .


1)The provisions of substantive law of Swiss apply under exclusion of the Vienna sales law.

2)If the customer is a businessman , Wil is exclusive jurisdiction for all claims in connection with the business relationship . Otherwise, the jurisdiction determined in accordance with Art. 22 of the Jurisdiction Act .

3) GALANTUM reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time . The respective binding version of the GTC is readable and printable on www.GALANTUMWATCH.COM.

GTC November 2015