To make shopping for returning customers as easy as possible, the GALANTUM Webshop uses only urgently required user data. The data are treated by the data privacy act and with highest care. The GALANTUM GmbH does not give any data to third parties which are not necessary for the payment process. For this process we work only with confidential companies. We do not use any customer data for third party advertising and do not sell the data.

To enhance and improve the Webshop of GALANTUM, we use user data with Google Analytics, a webanalytic provider of the Google Inc. Furthermore, we use social media plugins that allow our visitors to share our products with their friends. These services can leave so called cookies on the visitors computer or smartphone. The information (incl. your IP address), are saved on servers of Google. Google has the option to use the data for reports about website activity for the website provider. Furthermore, Google has the option to give the data to third parties. If you do not want this to happen, please change your settings in your website browser.

With the use of this website, you agree on the mentioned data collection and the explained usage.